Safety Environment Management


1. Global Standardization of Safety Environment Management

2. Establishing Autonomous Workplaces and Culture of Safety

We strengthen the competitiveness in the global market by establishing prior preventive system for thorough management of safety environment in import and export cargo and workplace, and actively applying this to provide first-class complex logistics service.

Lotte Global Logistics Corp. has introduced risk assessment in all of its workplaces and has taken initiative in identifying and responding to the risk factors in advance to ensure safety at workplaces and improve the environment.

Safety and Health Management

Lotte Global Logistics Corp. is making efforts in every way to implant safety awareness to all family members and business partners.

Work Environment Management

Risk Evaluation
Self-safety inspection (Facilities, equipment)
Safety and Health Council
Firefighting joint trading

Health promotion activities for executives and staff

Investigation of hazardous factors of musculoskeletal system
Health checkup / Special checkup

Safety health training

Perform safety health training (Monthly)
Safety campaign, resolution competition
Safety campaign
Safety campaign

Environment certification

Lotte Global Logistics acquired the environmental management system certification in 2008, and it is building and developing the environmental management system. All executives and staff are making the workplaces environment-friendly based on their commitment to environmental management.

LGL Workplace safety management

  • Daily electric system safety inspection
  • Daily Fire system safety inspection
  • Daily Forklift safety inspection
  • Daily refrigeration facility safety inspection
  • Periodic provision of winter clothing and protective equipment

Workplace safety management in accordance with the Safety Law

  • Monthly electrical safety inspection by a professional company
  • Yearly fire system safety inspection
  • Yearly building safety inspection
  • Quarterly Water management
  • Yearly material safety education
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Smoking Zone
Electrical Facilities
Firefighting Facilities
Protective Suit
Quarantine Activities
24/24 CCTV