• 2019
    • Launched the integrated logistics company, Lotte Group

      Lotte Logistics and Lotte Global Logistics were merged and launched anew as Lotte Global Logistics, an integrated logistics company. We will advance forward as a global top-tier logistics company that will lead into the future by strengthening logistics innovation capabilities, introducing smart logistics, providing last mile services, global one-stop services, and investing in large-scale infrastructure.

  • 2016 - 2018
    • Advancing forward as a comprehensive logistics company

      At the heart of the logistics business lies the Last Mile Capability, directly pertaining to courier service. Through the acquisition of Hyundai Logistics, Korea's leading courier company, we have provided the impetus to lay foundations for becoming a comprehensive logistics company. With the new mission of Lotte Global Logistics, we launched a fresh brand called Lotte Courier. We have come to own business channels in all areas of distribution from the initial site of production to the final last mile of delivery.

  • 2007 - 2016
    • Expansion of domestic logistics market and advancement into overseas markets

      Beyond the distribution sector, the company expanded its service scope to the entire industry, including the Group’s food, chemicals and manufacturing, while also entering the 3PL market—a non-group client—to embrace a full-fledged growth period. The company invested heavily in infrastructure in order to strengthen its logistics capabilities, established overseas subsidiaries, and created a bridgehead to expand its global businesses.